About Us

     Mahavir Motor Accessories is primarily a company dealing into front guards, rear guards, side steps, carriers, baby seats etc of almost all four wheelers since many years.

     Our products possess not only long term durability & good quality but also stylish look with classic designs.

     We have a special team of experts for manufacturing & fitment of our guards, carriers, etc. Not only this, we also keep a constant watch on the production so that we can never miss out on anything while providing out products with excellent quality, structure & design.

      As we believe in providing our customers with qualitative, durable & dignified products, we never compromise with our quality & thats the reason why we are able to win our customers' heart.

     We strengthen the pride of our customers by providing them guards, carriers, etc. which not only protects their car &facilitates them but also give their car a new, rich & elegant look.


Welcome to Mahavir

We produce the highest quality replacement starters, alternators, wheel hub assemblies, bearings & master cylinders available in the aftermarket.

Clasic Design of Guards

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